2 Dog Electric Fence, In-Ground Invisible Dog Containment System with 650 Ft Wire, Receiver Send Beeps and Shock Correction WCF-3

This electric dog fence system is designed to act as a deterrent to remind pets by warning tone and static correction to remain in the boundary established.

Working Principle:
The transmitter connected the wire, the harmless radio signal is issued by transmitter and go through the wire to be boundary area/signal area. If dog with receiver collar go approaching signal area, the receiver collar will beep and send safe static correction to remind dog back. The + – button on the transmitter is to adjust the signal intensity, level 0-100. When signal level is low (such as 10), it means the signal intensity is weak, so the boundary width is narrow. On the contrary, when signal level is high (such as 100), signal intensity is strong, so the boundary width is wide. When receiver collar does not receive signal, it will not beep and shock.

Important Notice:
Please read the instruction book before using the electric dog fence system.
Please know, the real boundary area is signal area, not the place that burying wire! So after testing and enough training, using boundary flags to mark boundary is very important.

Main Features:
Progressive Warning Tone
A warning tone will be issued as well as static correction if your dog continues to move closer to the boundary.
Proportional Static Shock
The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the shock will be.
Variable Field Width Control
Allows you to control the width of the signal field.
Speed Detect Anti-Run Through
The faster your dog is moving, and the higher shock intensity level is issued.
The electric 2 dog fence system is good to train dogs to stay within designated areas or away from roads, flower beds, swimming pool and other potentially hazardous zones.
Static correction is automatically adjusted based on how close the dog is to the boundary, create a customized safe area for pets to play outdoors. If you don’t want shocks to dogs, plastic probes are available in the package.
Thicker gauge wire can provide more stable harmless radio signal. Boundary wire is 656 feet long and 40 boundary flags.
2 rechargeable and rainproof receiver collars. Receiver offers 4 levels of static correction, as well as warning tone. Please search https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0747Q23LB for extra receiver. Suitable for dogs over 8 pounds.
Our policy: 30 days money back or replacement for no reason. Any question, please just contact us. Our professional service team will always reply you as soon as possible.

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