Alessi “Ship Shape” Container in Thermoplastic Resin With Small Spatula in 18/10 Stainless Steel, Mint Shake

The ship-shaped container is a must-have for the modern kitchen if you have a penchant for uniquely shaped containers. It is a special product because it is designed specifically for Alessi by world famous designers Harry Paul Van and Stefano Giovanni. It is a creative container that can be used for keeping jam, butter, and sauces. The small spatula adds a touch of style to this creatively designed receptacle.

Looking for reasons to order this thermoplastic resin container? You can find many.

  • Extraordinary design
  • Superior finish
  • The spatula adds an element of innovation
  • Created by the biggest names in the world of designing

The Alessi ship shaped is available in 18/10 stainless steel and can be a great addition to the many containers lined on your kitchen shelf. The only difference is that this mint shake colored, ship shaped wonder will grab all the attention by virtue of its unique design and superior finish. The container is easy to handle, clean and maintain. Hand wash is the best way to keep it in sparkling clean shape. Order from your favorite online store now and be the proud owner of a wonderful piece of kitchenware.

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