Arion Legacy AC Powered Studio Quality 2.0 Speakers

Carry the supremacy of these cool and professional speakers into your very own home and make people go wow over your choice. You will perceive the same notes and mechanisms as a soundtrack and recording artist would. This over the top audio engine is designed using the chief quality machineries and technologies. Pamper your ears with its clear sound, which brings life to the music. The superficial wooden cabinet give your speakers elegant and traditional look that will complement your home décor and living space.

Here are some tempting stipulations that this truly level-headed stuff carries:

Full Range Audio: These remarkable AR studio series take on almost any music category and will convert all audio files precisely without changing the original sound. With low reverberation cabinet design, this audio solution is a must-have for every music lover.

Great Piece of Amplifiers: These indispensable monitors feature an inbuilt amplifier that is helpful to provide an optimized sound.

Wood Structure with Stumpy Resonance Cabinet Design:  The walnut MDF trapezoid cabinet gives them a superior look. The high-density wood cabinet certifies that the sound is represented correctly. The structure is great addition for big sized home and offices.

Connect with any Device: Connect these speakers to any thinkable device like mixers, phonograph, mobile, PC and TV through a 3.5mm plug.

Get life to your music with these astounding speakers today!

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