Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas: Gifts for The Girls

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Bachelorette parties are meant to celebrate all of the sweet, memorable and maybe even embarrassing moments that you can only share with your best girlfriends. They are a true celebration of your friendship to date and all of the exciting changes to come for the bride to be. If you’re looking for bachelorette party gift ideas that all of your favorite ladies can enjoy, read on to discover exciting alternatives to gag gifts, courtesy of Thoughtfully!

Matching T-Shirts for the Whole Crew

Matching T-Shirts for the Whole Crew

The first item on our list for the best bachelorette party gift ideas is a matching set of pre-wedding party themed t-shirts. Not only are they fun to wear on the night of the party, but they’ll also make for great keepsakes. Here are two ways that you can go about getting t-shirts for the whole crew:

Everyone involved can pitch in for a t-shirt fund prior to the party.
The host can take it upon herself to provide the shirts as her gift to the group.

When it comes to the shopping itself, you can pick out something simple and sweet for the girls, like “Bride Squad” tank tops, or go for something with a little spunkier. The choice is yours, but consider your group when you choose. What are they most likely to appreciate? Now that you meet the dress code, it’s time for the fun to begin!

Hilarious Gag Gifts for All!


Hilarious Gag Gifts for All!There’s no doubt that the bride’s crew will supply her with plenty of naughty and embarrassing gag gifts as the night goes on, but she can dish out her own gag gifts, too! The most memorable bachelorette party gift ideas are the ones that the entire group can enjoy together.

Here are a few ideas:

Keeping your party close to home? Keep the snacks coming with unique snack trays.
Planning a bar crawl? Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Treat the girls to a dinner featuring fun pasta shapes before your night on the town.
Finish off your meal with desserts, easily made with cookie cutters and disposable cupcake pans. Give the girls a few sweet treats to take home with them after the fun is over.

The Ultimate Homemade Hangover Kit

Whether you and the girls are planning to go out for a night on the town or staying in for the night, odds are you will probably all need a bit of a pick-me-up in the morning. To make your own hangover kit, you’ll need:

  • Pain relief gel capsules
  • Tooth brush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair ties
  • Sewing kit
  • Makeup remover
  • Energy drinks
  • Gum
  • Sanitizer
  • Eye drops
  • Bloody Mary kit

Place the items in fun party favor boxes, fill with tissue paper, and enjoy! With handmade hangover kits—which is one of the most thoughtful bachelorette party gift ideas ever—you’ll be the savior of the entire group. What would they do without you?

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