BDF EZS05 Easy Cling Heat Control Residential Window Film with Mirror Effect Daytime Privacy, Silver – 48in X 50ft

EZ Cling window films are designed to install easily and be easily removed. These films are much more optically clear than standard static cling or non-adhesive window films.EXCELLENT HEAT CONTROL WITH MIRRORED PRIVACY DURING THE DAY, high heat control performance increases energy efficiency (mirror effect privacy works only during daytime when sunlight is brighter than the interior lights, not at night.)
EZ CLING WINDOW FILMS ARE EASY TO INSTALL/REMOVE, installation tools and guide are included (the film is NOT reusable).
99% UV REJECTION, reduce the damaging effects of the harmful UV rays from the sun.
OPTICALLY CLEAR VIEW, much more clear than static cling or non-adhesive window films made from PVC vinyl
EASY REMOVAL, the film can be removed using just your fingertips and will not leave any residue on the window. Perfect for renters or for seasonal use.

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Price: $129.99

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