Cool Stuff To Put In Your Room

Cool Stuff To Put In Your Room

A room is no longer just an empty space within a home for a bed, dresser, and nightstand. The décor that can be in a room is almost endless today. Whether you are looking to style your slightly cramped room with some stylish yet, space-minded items or you are looking to fill the void in an amply spaced room, you can find plenty of cool items to make your room more personalized than ever before. Here are just a few cool things to have in your room.

Start with the Bed

The main reason to have a bedroom is to provide a comfortable place to sleep, but that place does not have to be boring and conventional. Look for options that maximize the potential of your room. Some rooms are quite limited on the amount of space available. For these rooms, you will have to think vertically. The conventional bed does not offer any storage space apart from the bit of space underneath on the floor, but loft beds give you the chance to maximize on space without taking up vital floor space. These new beds come in a variety of different styles and designs such as containing drawers or even a desk area beneath the bed. Among the cool stuff to put in your room, a loft bed is definitely at the top.

Make it Memorable

One quick walk through any furniture store or a search online will reveal that there is an endless amount of cool stuff to buy for your room, but sometimes money is not always available for this type of design. If you are among the more budget conscious room designer, you will have to get creative, but the bonus is that you will have one of a kind pieces within your room that others will envy. Shop around at discount stores and even thrift shops for old pieces of furniture that may be past their prime. A quick coat of paint or even an upcycle idea can turn that tattered item into the centerpiece of the room. Creativity is always acceptable where room design is concerned.

Do Not Forget the Walls

wall art
Owning your own home means that you have the ability to change anything to your exact specifications. If, however you have not got to the point of ownership or you happen to be a student renting, your options may be limited as to how customized you can make your space. Many times, landlords prohibit painting of the walls and can even nailing into them can be prohibited. There is however no need to fear. There are a number of items that will not harm the walls in any way such as adhesive stickers that you can design yourself. These stickers are not standard sticker options, but rather specialized adhesive products that peel off the wall just as easy as they stick to it. The design options are endless and they will add to the cool thins to have in your room.


Furniture Design
Bedroom furniture can seem quite limiting, but if you are crafty, you can have pieces within your room that are functional as well as cool. For the younger crowd a bean bag chair can provide seating for a number of people. They even have the larger bean bag options that can seat multiple people and even fold out into a bed for overnight guests. The choices of styles and shapes of bean bags these days are endless and therefore the bean bag can be anything you want it to be.
Other furniture options include the popular fold-up chairs if you have limited floor space or even blow up furniture if you like that sort of thing. Among the cool things to put in your room, you may want to consider some retro furniture options. The classic retro furniture is often found in second-hand stores and can be remarkably inexpensive. Vintage prints can add value as well as function to your space. Even if you do not like the color of a piece, a slip cover or just a cool looking blanket can change to look completely.

Do not Forget the Floor

Floor coverings are not always considered when you are looking for cool stuff to put in your room. It is considered that changing the floor in any way will be expensive, but you will be surprised how much style an area rug can add to the space. For rooms that have no carpet, they can add a comfortable place to study or have people over without the need for a lot of furniture.
No matter what type of room you have, you are not just subject to what is there. There is always a way to change up the space by adding cool things to do in your room or just unique items that make it memorable. The possibilities are endless so get those creative juices flowing and make your room your own.

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