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cool things to have in your room
Room with cool stuff!

When you have a room, personality is everything. There are loads of gimmicks and gadgets you can put in your room to give it a bit of character so that everyone especially you will be excited to see the room. Here we have carefully selected 14 cool things to buy for your room without breaking the bank. These items will breathe some new life into your room and will give it the much needed makeover, whether it be your room at home or a dorm room at college.

Spinner S31 – Spinning Bike

Total body fitness is the goal of most people and having the right equipment to attain those goals is vital to success. One of the most popular pieces of workout equipment on the market today is the spinning bike. It is a common misconception that these machines are only available in gyms with the purpose of spinning classes. There are actually quite a few on the market today that is perfect for home use. Here are the top 5 on the market today and a little about each one.





A Gummy Bear Light2 – A Gummy Bear Light

This gummy bear light is one of the cool things to have in your room, especially if you’re still afraid of the dark! It will keep your room looking stylish and tasty with its fabulous gummy glow! It even has a squeezable belly to turn the LED light on and off and can even be attached to a wall! You can pick up this cool item for as little as $24.




A Giant Pizza Slice

3 – A Giant Pizza Slice

What could be better than falling asleep while cuddling a pizza? Nothing, that’s what! This will make the perfect gift for any pizza lover and is a super cool thing to have in your room during a pizza party! It’s a shame you can’t actually buy pizza slices this size down at your local dominos, but this will make the best replacement. You can buy this for under $17.




A Doorganiser4 – A Doorganiser

If you’re someone who is always forgetting keys, notes and to-dos, this doorganiser is something you need to have in your room. It allows you put keys, to-dos and little notes in it and as it hangs on you door you’ll never forget them! This little hanger fits directly on to your door handle and can even be brought on holiday so you can organise things on the go. If you’re Mr/Mrs forgetful you can buy this cool little accessory for your room for as little as $9.



A Clothes Line Picture Hanger5 – A Clothes Line Picture Hanger

A cloth line picture hanger is what you need if you are someone who has a lot of pictures, likes taking a lot of pictures or is a photography student, this cool clothes line styled picture hanger ranks very high among the cool things to put in your room. The display comes with 40 tiny pegs and two wooden support beams, and allows you to constantly reposition photos for an ever-changing display. You can put this cool frame in your room for just under $20.



A Nightstand Caddy That Lights Up Upon Clapping6 – A Nightstand Caddy That Lights Up Upon Clapping

If you are someone who likes to have a glass of water beside you at night, or perhaps has to take medications before bed, this sound-activated night stand caddy will make a cool accessory for you to put in your room! You can essentially clap the light on and off, or wait for the light to go off itself which takes 30 seconds. The stand even has a pull out draw for pills or sweets. This will make a cool addition and you can have this in your room for under $14.





A Concealed Invisible Bookshelf7 – A Concealed Invisible Bookshelf


One of the cool things you can build at home is an Invisible Bookshelf. This is very useful for making your room looks stylish and clutter-free even if you have a lot of books. This concealed bookshelf is so much cooler than your standard bulky bookshelf and is designed in a way that makes the paperback books hide the secret hanger holding it up, giving the impression that the books are seamlessly floating! The hanger just requires a hardback book to be placed on the bottom, after that you can stack anything you want! This is definitely a cool thing to buy for your room and you can pick this up for as little as $11!


The Back to Bed Pillow Case8 – The Back to Bed Pillow Case

This cool pillow case is perfect for any procrastinator, deep sleeper or napper who needs a pillow that speaks their language. If you have to take regular naps this is something you should definitely consider buying for your room, and will have people smiling when they visit. Buy it for yourself or for a friend, it makes for a perfect gift! You can have this in your room for as little as $14!



An Under-Pillow Alarm Clock9 – An Under-Pillow Alarm Clock

This is the perfect alarm for anyone who wants a peaceful wakeup directly from their pillow. When you have this alarm in your room you can sync it with an app on your smart phone to set alarms, and it stays connected even when your phone is locked or off! This cool alarm is perfect for deep sleepers and couples, and is something you 100% need to buy for your room! You can get this up on Amazon for as little as $20.


Removable Wallpaper10 – Removable Wallpaper

An arty room is at your fingertips with this removable wallpaper. All the designs are hand-made and the wallpaper is self-adhesive making it completely removable! All you need to do is add water and you’re ready to go. This cool paper comes in loads of different designs and can last up to 20 years when installed correctly. In addition, you can even buy this for your room if you’re looking to patch up some old shelves, a headboard or even a cupboard! You can put this cool item on your walls for under $30.
Animal Shaped Ring Holders

11 – Animal Shaped Ring Holders

Stylishly organizing your rings cannot be much easier with an animal ring holder in your room! These animal styled ring holders are made entirely out of copper and come in a range of different shapes. You can get yourself a bunny, elephant, rooster or even a giraffe! Each ring holder has a padded base so not only can you buy this cool item for your room, but you can also have one near the sink or in the bathroom as they won’t be sliding all over the place. You can have one of these ring holders for as little as $9.
Dress Accessory Organiser

12 – Dress Accessory Organiser

This organiser gives you a way to keep all of your essential accessories and makeup materials all in one place, making it a perfect thing to put in your room. The organiser is even designed in a cool, smart way that allows it to be hung up either in your wardrobe or on any door knob in your room. The organiser has a polyester fabric body with 15 clear plastic pockets as well as 6 mesh pockets for you to put all your precious belongings in! This cool, practical hanger can be bought for your room for as little as $30.

A Donut Pillow13 – A Donut Pillow

For a donuts and snacks lover who wants a donuts-centric room, we may have found the most amazing cool thing you can buy for your room! This pillow will keep you hungry and drawling throughout the night and is a great addition to any bed, couch or chair which you may have in your room. The pillow is made from spun polyester and is individually cut and sewn by hand! If you want you put this cool little pillow in your room, it will only set you back $20! Bargain.



Decorative Light Switches14 – Decorative Light Switches

What could possibly be a better way of jazzing up your room than these super cool decals for your light switches! If you look at a light switch and just feel that it would look so much better if it looked like a pirate, you will definitely need to put one of these stylish decals in your room. With over 24 different unique decals to choose from, you’ll never have a boring light switch again! You can brighten up your room with these light switch decals for just $7


So there you have it, 14 cool thing to buy for your room! We hope you enjoyed the article and look into these little gimmicks further. If you’re looking to give your room a cool, personalised feel, these cool stuff will definitely get you started! To find more, feel free to visit our categories for him & for her or check out our Gauges and Gears.

See you soon!

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