Cotton Craft – Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf – Plum – Floor Ottoman

This hand knitted floor ottoman defines uniqueness in the true sense of the word. If you want a home furnishing that turns the spotlight on itself on the strength of its sheer attraction and novelty value, then the cotton craft, plum color, hand knitted cable style Dori Pouf floor ottoman is the perfect buy.

What makes this furnishing so different that you just cannot do without it? Here are some of the many reasons.

• Strikingly beautiful
• Stands apart from other furnishings due its perfect finish and superior quality
• Easy to handle and is compatible with all types of furniture
• Extra strong knitting makes it durable and long lasting

This one-of-a-kind seating is a hard knit beanbag that can be used as a chair or a foot rest. It is 20 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height. The material used to create this wonderful product is cotton braid cord which is very strong.

As the ottoman is handmade and also hand-stitched, you can expect perfection in every knot and every strand. Want to bring this hand knitted cable style Dori Pouf home? You can order online now conveniently.

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