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With the beginning of spring, all life is awakened, but unfortunately, not only beautiful but, dangerous and terrible insects come to life from hibernation, such as ticks. Ticks can cause serious damage to the health of the dog, while the greatest danger is not in the bite, but in those diseases that the insect is able to tolerate.

For flea and tick prevention for dogs, we recommend using the natural flea collar against pests and bugs. The flea collar is made of a special material in the form of flexible tape and a fastener. The tick collar exudes a delicate smell; its organic herbs and natural plant extracts that are present in the dog collar scare off parasites.

We produce antiparasitic collars for dogs of all breeds, from large ones like Labradors or German Shepherds to small ones like Yorkshire Terriers or French Bulldogs. The anti flea collar begins to work after some time after it is put on the dog. Insecticidal substances begin to stand out from the flea collar for dogs, spreading over the wool cover, protecting the pet. During the wearing, the required concentration of the natural active remains. We recommend you always wear a mosquito collar even at night; otherwise, there the desired effect of flea prevention will not be achieved.

It is important to properly wear a dog flea collar that will exclude the development of dermatitis, and will also promote the uniform distribution of substances.

IMPORTANT! If the dog already has fleas, we strongly recommend to get rid of fleas with special shampoo or spray, and only then use the flea control collar.

• Flea collar in a sealed packaging
• Aluminum can
• InstructionFLEA AND TICK PREVENTION FOR DOGS. The new 2018 natural dog collar is a safe defense for your dog for 240 days. The improved hypoallergenic collar formula is more effective.
SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY. The flea collar is harmless. Unlike the use of drops the dog collar doesn’t require the drying; the owner doesn’t have to be afraid that his pet lays off the liquid ingredients.
WATER-RESISTANT. The collar is worn around your dog’s neck and starts to carry out flea control. Thanks to a special flea protection composition, the tick collar protects your pet for 8 months 24/7.
NO ALLERGY. The effect of our flea collars are based on the protective properties of herbs. The flea tick collar is safe and does not contain components that cause allergies in dogs.
ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DOGS. The long size is suitable for large and small dogs. Just cut off the excess dog flea collar and put the rest under the mat of your dog for extra protection.

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