11 Incredible Gifts For Animal Lovers

11 Gifts For Animal Lovers

Nearly everyone has at least one pet obsessed person in their lives. Why not use the next gift giving occasion to help them celebrate their love for pets. The eleven gifts below are perfect for animal lovers.

1. Petcube Play – Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

wireless pet camera

Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Do you know someone who can’t bear to be away from their beloved pets while they are working? The Petcube is an interactive wi-fi camera that users control with their cell phones. All they have to do is turn on the app.

They can check in on their pets, speak to them, and even play with them. On a more serious note, this device also allows pet owners to check in on pets struggling with health or behavioral issues too.




2. Rescued Wine Soy Candles

Soy CandlesRescued Wine Candles serves three purposes. All will impress animal lovers. First, they repurpose wine bottles, doing a small part to help the environment. Next, they make naturally scented candles out of soy. This makes the product entirely free from animal products. Finally, a portion from each sale is donated to animal rescue.

You can choose from several different signature candles. Each featuring a different wine and unique design.


3. IFetch

IFetchThe IFetch is an automatic ball launcher for dogs that are obsessed with playing fetch. Tired pet owners can still keep their dogs entertained while they relax. The Ifetch comes in multiple styles appropriate for pooches of all sizes. The product can launch thousands of balls in a single fetch session

There’s even an Ifetch frenzy. This product uses gravity to randomly roll balls for dogs to retrieve. This is perfect for very small pets, elderly dogs, and for indoor use.

4. Peace Love Rescue Tee

Rescue TeeFor less than twenty dollars, you can buy your favorite animal lover a great T-shirt and buy 35 bowls of food for animals in a shelter. Even better, your pet loving friend gets to showcase their love for pets every time they wear the tee.

This soft, comfortable t-shirt comes in three colors and a variety of sizes. Proceeds benefit the Animal Rescue Site and its efforts to help strays and abandoned pets.


5. DJ Deck Scratch Pad

Pet Scratch PadDoes your pet loving pal enjoy the club scene? Or, do they have a great sense of humor? If so, Indeed Cool Stuff highly recommends the DJ Deck scratch pad.

Why give a cat an ordinary scratching post, when they can impress all of their feline friends by scratching out some sick beats. Okay, it doesn’t really play music, but the turntable spins! This makes the product fun for cats and their owners.



6. Barkbox

BarkboxDogs get bored too! This is why the barkbox can be the ideal gift for any animal loving dog owner. Each month, a new box will arrive with a variety of treats and toys. Even better, to keep things interesting for the pet and their parent, the contents of the box are based around a monthly theme.

To make sure that each pup receives the best possible presents, Barkbox offers three different boxes each month. One box each for small, medium, and large dogs. No need to be concerned about safety or quality here as all treats and toys are made in the United States or Canada.

7. Pug Life Sox

pug-3d-socks-pugs-life1-300x300Who doesn’t love a pug? These cozy knee high socks or perfect for the women or girl that cannot get over their obsession with this diminutive yet powerful species. Pair these pug life socks with the t-shirt above, and you’ll have the ideal gift for a pet and fashion lover.


8. A Birding Tour in Cuba

A Birding Tour in CubaOkay, you’ll really need to care about your favorite animal lover to give them this. It’s definitely an upscale gift. However, if you are able to, can you imagine the look of surprise and delight when you tell them they’re going to Cuba to see some of the most exotic and colorful birds on the planet up close and personal?

Just be sure your animal loving pal is up for the experience. These aren’t meandering walks through the woods. These are hardcore, birdwatching excursions.

9. Deluxe Water Garden

Water GardenForget about those boring windowsill herb containers. The water garden deluxe is a self cleaning fish tank that also grows up to three different herbs. The tank is perfect for a betta fish.

It comes with a quality filter. In addition to that, the fish and the plants develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The fish provides the plants with food, and the plants naturally clean and filter the water in the tank.



10. Dogsbutter

DogsbutterEvery dog lover knows how much dogs love peanut butter. The problem is that dogs shouldn’t necessarily eat the stuff that we keep in our pantries. Dogsbutter is all natural and made out of peanuts and flax seeds.

Dog lovers can feed the product to their pets directly, or scoop it onto a dog treat (also available on the website). However, there are other uses for the product as well. It’s ideal for hiding medications. It can even be used as a base ingredient for baked doggie treats.

11. Rescue Chocolate

Rescue ChocolateBe a pal. Give an animal lover some chocolate, and the knowledge that the gift they’re enjoying also benefits homeless pets. Rescue Chocolate creates and sells high quality, gourmet chocolates. Then, they donate a portion of each sale to non profit organizations that rescue animals. Hence the name, Rescue Chocolate.

The chocolates come in a variety of flavor. These include, peanut butter pitbull, mission feral fig, and pick me pepper. There’s even a vegan option called like white. Each chocolate is named after a specific need that the business funds such as spay and neuter programs, help for feral cats, and pitbull rescue.

Pamper your pet loving pals and maybe even do a bit of good. At least one of these gifts is sure to be a hit with any pet owner or animal lover.

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