GreenFloralCrafts 47″ Lacquer Cylinder Floor Vase & Botanicals Kit- Silver Swirl

Handcrafted by artisans in Southeast Asia from natural, spun bamboo. Bamboo poles are cut into long strips and only the center, heart bamboo is used to form the vase. Heart bamboo is lightweight, so vases are not heavy. Add sand or small pebbles to weight the vase for stability if you have pets or small children.Lacquer floor vase in 4 sizes : 24 in. H x 8 in. dia., 27 in. H x 8.5 in. dia., 36 in. H x 11 in. dia., 47 in. H x 13.5 in. dia.
Includes branches kit of natural botanicals, requires assembly and comes with easy instructions. Only purchase if you are willing to put together the arrangement!
Measurements vary 1/2 to 1″, as each piece is individually handcrafted by artisans from natural, spun bamboo. Finished with glossy lacquer in swirl design or solid color
Spun bamboo, the center heart strip of bamboo pole is very lightweight. Do not expect this vase to be heavy! If you have carpeting, pets, or children we recommend weighting the bottom by putting in sand, or small pebbles for greater stability.
Bamboo vases do NOT hold water, use with dried florals only

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Price: $185.00

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