How to Select the Right Gift

How to Select the Right Gift

Shopping for gifts for him or gifts for her is supposed to be fun, but it can be incredibly stressful. What do you get for your boss during the holiday season? What should you buy your mother-in-law on her birthday? If you overthink your gift, you end up sweating bullets while searching for the mythical “perfect present.” On the other hand, if you underthink your gift, you risk seeming careless. With these gift-giving tips, you are sure to find the right fit for every person and every occasion.

Think About What Makes the Recipient Unique

What Makes the Recipient Unique

Even if you don’t know someone incredibly well, chances are you can still come up with two or three things that make them unique. The more you think about what might make another person feel special and appreciated, the more you can tailor a present to their personality and interests. It can also be nice to give someone a gift that they might consider unnecessary or indulgent. They might not splurge on a dozen gourmet cookies or artisanal teas for themselves, but it could be a fun, nice way for you to help them celebrate a special day.

Shop Small to Find Specialized Products

One of the great things about the proliferation of online shopping options, marketplaces, and services is that it significantly expands the shopping selection while still allowing you to find unique, one-of-a-kind presents. If you’re shopping for someone you know well, take the time to find an item that speaks to their hobbies and allows opportunities for customization. Is your sister a songwriter? Opt for a handmade journal with thick, deckle edge paper. Does your dad an avid bird watcher? Get him a handmade wooden bird feeder to hang in the yard. A little reflection helps to ensure that you get someone a gift they are sure to love.

Step Out of the Gift Card Trap

Gift Card Trap

Sure, giving someone a gift card to their favorite coffee shop may be practical and useful, but does it really send the right message to the recipient? Other than telling them you know how much they like their vanilla lattes, this type of gift may also tell them that you’re lazy. If you’re unsure about what to give someone or perhaps don’t know them well enough to find the perfect gift, you can still give them something that is personal and thoughtful. Giving a gift that’s general doesn’t mean it can’t also be something that beautiful or special in some way. Flowers, gourmet chocolate, and gift baskets are a safe bet and still offer something for the recipient to open and cherish. They are hard at work reinventing the gift basket as we now know it by creating curated baskets that are personal and make a lasting impression. These aren’t your average stuffy, routine gift baskets—they’re designed to feel fresh, modern, and fun for whoever is opening them up.

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