Kardiel 1946 Parlor Mid-century Modern Sofa, Beige/ Surf Green Cashmere Wool

Fancy having this dream sofa in your living room? You will be bringing in a slice of history from the late 1940s because this amazingly modernist design can be traced back to 1946. Comfortable, compact and stylish, are the right adjectives to describe this parlor mid-century modern sofa, although you could add many more words in its praise. You would be delighted to know that the original series of this sofa was inspired by the creations of Picasso, no less.

There are more reasons why you should have this stunning piece adorning your room:
• Traditional design with a modern touch
• Reinforced cushion for firm support
• Solid wood frame adds to the style
• Thick back cushion with layers of soft silk for optimum comfort

The brilliant combination of contrasting colors of fabric affirms the artistic value of this amazing piece of furniture which is aptly named the Poet Sofa. The Cashmere tweed pea-coat fabric takes the comfort level to a new high. The designs of 1940s have been faithfully and creatively reproduced without compromising on the integrity of the original creation and that’s what makes the modern sofa so special and unique.

Order now and bring home what is arguably the best kind of sofa that can ever adorn your home.

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