Louis Garneau 1 Calory Gloves – Men’s

The Louis Garneau 1 Calory Gloves for men is the ultimate protection for your hands while on a long ride over tough and troubling terrains on your favorite machine. The smart gloves are designed for superior comfort and style. It is ideal for those who want gloves with high functionality.

One calory glove is a perfect glove for someone searching for comfort on a budget. This glove base fabric is made with a great lycra that provides adequate stretch and comfort while on the bike. When you take a look at the palm of the globe, it has high-density foam in certain areas to provide comfort and also in keeping with our trend of ergo venting even on a price point you have what our story is with the ergo fan. What that allows is moisture evacuation and also air in to keep your hand cool and dry. Also when you look at the stomach of the glove it has a little soft supple area to remove anything when you’re going to be on the bike as far as sweat or wiping your nose. Taking a look when removing the gloves as well you have pullers those pullers allow you to slide the glove off easily and very comfortably. Also, you have a Velcro adjustment tab to provide maximum support and also it’s ergonomic so all on the bike is going to provide comfort. This is the one calory glove from Garneau it’s a great glove for someone looking for comfort and function on the bike on a budget.

Why you must have these wonder gloves? They have perforated Amara palms protected by 10mm foam pads

  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable for enhanced comfort during rides
  • Palm moisture is removed due to the unique Ergo Air Zone design
  • It has integrated finger pullers for easy put on and removal

The Louis Garneau 1 Calory Gloves are in huge demand because it has many other pluses as well. As hand moisture is quickly evaporated, it ensures stable temperature and enhanced grip. It also minimizes hand fatigue on long and tough rides.

The gloves are available in all sizes from X to XX Large. You can choose from black, charcoal and ginger colors. The added attraction is the one year warranty from the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a good pair of cycling gloves at a great price, you just found the perfect one.

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