Louis Garneau T-Lite Toe Cover

Feeling the jitters about riding in colder weather? Get the kind of protection your feet needs with Louis Garneau T-Lite Toe Covers. You have to wear them to believe the kind of comfort they provide. Don’t worry about getting your feet wet or the wind causing any trouble as these covers are wind and water-resistant. Just order these smart fall cycling shoe covers and you will have assured protection when the mercury plunges southwards.

What makes Louis Garnaeu T-Lite toe cover so special?

  • It has stretchable spandex with polyurethane membrane
  • Designed to provide absolute protection from cold and rain
  • Extra durability assured by the Kevlar under sole reinforcement
  • Visibility in low light situations enhanced with the thoughtfully designed reflective accents

The covers score high in areas of utility, performance, and value. They are reasonably priced too. You will it easy to use, clean and maintain these toe covers. Buy it for yourself or for presenting a truly unique gift for your loved one. The thin, light and neatly designed toe covers can be used with shoes of all sizes and they are easy to carry around as well.

Just go ahead and order a pair now.

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