Midwest Hearth Wood Stove Catalytic Combustor Replacement Catalyst Dutchwest Englander (6″ x 2″ Round Ceramic)

Midwest Hearth replacement combustors are a high-quality choice for your catalytic wood burning stove.
Replacing your old combustor will help you improve your stove’s efficiency, saving you money and producing less pollution.

*Includes interam expanding gasket wrap (2″wide x 18″ long) that can be used if needed.

Compatible Stove Models:

Consolidated Dutchwest

• Models 2460, 2461, 2462
• Models FA 224, FA 264, FA 288
• Seneca Models 2169, 2170
• Sequoia Stove
• Federal Models (Before 1992)
• Federal Models (1992 and After)


• Models 28CC/28IC and 28JC (Before 1989)
• Models 18PC/22PIC and 24FC (1989-1992)

SUPERIOR QUALITY – Our manufacturer’s ceramic and chemical engineers continuously improve every product, making ours the highest quality combustors on the market.
DECREASES POLLUTION – Midwest Hearth combustors remove 70% of harmful wood stove emissions, keeping the air clean and your family healthy.
SAVES YOU MONEY – Use less wood to generate the same heat-save up to 1/3 of the cost of a cord of wood-and burn up to 8 hours longer than a non-catalytic stove.
IMPROVED SAFETY – Catalytic combustors prevent the buildup of creosote, so there’s a lower risk of house fires. Since 1990, the number of creosote-caused fires has decreased by 75% thanks to catalytic stoves.
5-YEAR PRORATED WARRANTY – Our combustors boast an extremely low percentage of defects off the manufacturing line, and our warranty claims are only 0.4%, well below the industry average. Our 5-year prorated warranty guarantees our quality.

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