Octopus End Table

Octopus End Table

If you want an attention-grabbing table with a design that redefines uniqueness, then the Octopus End Table is what you need. The octopus-shaped support is crafted out of aluminum with the arms of the octopus designed to provide firm and uniform support to the glass top.

The Octopus End Table is guaranteed to initiate a conversation amongst friends and relatives because of its unique, innovative shape and style. It is a must-have if you prefer adorning your home with innovative pieces of furniture. The Octopus End Table is:

  • Easy to assemble
  • A nice work of art that looks great in any room
  • Extremely durable
  • Amazingly well-detailed

What adds to the beauty of this table, apart from the rather friendly-looking octopus, is the nicely beveled edge of the heavy duty glass. The finishing of the entire setup is superb. The table offers great value for money as the quality is premium grade. However, the table is contemporary in style that has an artwork element creatively infused. Weighing all of 44 pounds, the table is easy to handle and maintain.

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