11 Things To Consider For a Weekend Trip


It’s always so hard to figure out what to pack for vacation. You want to be practical, but stylish, prepared, but not over packed. Read on for our list of travel essentials you’ll want to be sure to tuck into your suitcase in order to be packed for your next big trip!

A Cotton Button-Up


No matter where you are headed, a button-up shirt is a versatile layer that will serve you well! An airy oversized button-up can make a great beach cover-up in Greece or can cover your bare shoulders when you step into a temple in India. Hiking in the Andes? A chambray button down is the perfect mid-layer for your trek. Dress it up for a candlelit dinner or wear it as a light jacket over a vintage tee.

A Crossbody Bag or Backpack

Crossbody Backpack

Hoisting a handbag up over your shoulder every 5 minutes is an uncomfortable way to spend a day of sightseeing. Your clutch might be really cute, but when you are traipsing across Thailand, you are going to want your hands free. Invest in a bag roomy enough for your daily essentials with a practical design that will distribute the weight comfortably. There is an array of fashionable mini backpacks on the market that are perfect for traveling in style. What’s more, sites like PackedPerfectly.com has amassed a growing list of travel essentials specifically for destinations like Thailand, Italy, and more.

An E-Reader

An E-Reader

Physical books are great, but when you are on the road, hardcovers are just heavy and cumbersome. With a Kindle or Nook, you can pack a dozen books in a fraction of the space, at a fraction of the weight. The backlit screen makes it perfect for red eye flights, long train rides, or even camping trips. Best of all, most libraries have a catalog of eBooks, so you can download your beach reads for free!

Keep Your Tech Organized

Keep Your Tech Organized

Bringing your phone charger is a no brainer, but don’t forget your camera charger, earbuds, and all of your other tech accessories. If you travel frequently, consider investing in duplicate chargers for all your tech gear. Keep them packed in a zip pouch in your suitcase—that way you will never be stranded with a dead phone in the airport. If you are headed abroad, make sure you have a power adapter so you can use your chargers overseas.

Pre-Pack Your Toiletries

toiletry bag

Keep a toiletry bag stocked with all of your travel needs so that packing is a snap. Decant your skincare routine into smaller containers and pack your shampoo and conditioner into smaller, TSA-approved bottles. Having a toiletry bag prepared saves you time packing, and keeps you from lugging full sized products across the globe.

Plane Snacks


Don’t rely on gross airport food or wimpy bags of airplane peanuts. Be sure to pack an array of healthy, nutritious plane snacks so you aren’t too hungry when you arrive at your final destination. Roasted almonds, granola bars, or cut carrots and hummus all make for great, protein-rich snacks.

Tuck a tea bag or two into your purse; when the flight attendant comes by, just ask for hot water and you can enjoy your favorite tea instead of drinking the cheap beverages they are offering.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

No matter your destination, sun protection is a must. Even if you are traveling to cold climates, you are still at risk for sunburn. Wherever you go, be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to keep you safe from harmful UV rays.

Get Your Logistics on Paper

Get Your Logistics on Paper

Print out your itinerary, including hotel addresses, phone numbers, and flight numbers, and keep a hard copy in your carry-on. Then email a copy to yourself so you can access it digitally as well. Make sure you have the phone numbers of your bank and doctor as well, in case you run into any trouble during your trip.

A Reusable Water Bottle


Whether you are exploring the alleys of Morocco or summiting Machu Picchu, exploring requires a lot of physical exertion. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle. In many developing countries, the tap water isn’t safe to drink, so stock up on good filtered water when it is available or consider purchasing a portable filter that you can attach to your water bottle.

A Pair of Wool Socks

Wool Socks

Even if you are headed to balmy tropical resort, the air conditioning in the airplane can be chilly. Keep your toes warm with a cozy pair of wool socks, because a long flight with frozen feet will put a damper on anyone’s vacation.

A Turkish Towel

Turkish Towel

Turkish towels are perfect for traveling. Ultra thin, enormous, and available in a wide array of stylish colors, Turkish towels can function as both a quick drying towel, a beach blanket, a lightweight scarf, or a fashionable wrap. You can even drape it over your shoulders when you are visiting a historic mosque or any other religious sites.

Travel in Style

Regardless of your travel destination, it’s important to note that without all of your daily essentials, you may not end up enjoying the vacation or the weekend as much. Make sure that you’ll buy some gift for you or for the people that you care and travel in style and comfort.

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