Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Home Gate with Door

At Primetime Petz, we believe you no longer have to sacrifice the style and elegance of your home in order to enjoy the rewards of pet ownership. This beautiful, furniture-quality, freestanding pet gate embodies the quality and workmanship you have come to expect from Primetime Petz. The 360⁰ Configurable Gate with Door 36” lets you customize your pets roaming space in countless ways including a gate or pen. With four wide panels, capable of spanning narrow and wide areas up to 80 inches, it keeps dogs or cats safely contained while giving you easy access to your favorite space. The door, which conveniently opens inward and outward, locks securely into place every time with a spring-loaded bolt preventing pets from nosing or pawing open. Rubber pads on the bottom of the gate prevent sliding and keep floors safe from scratching. Finished in a gorgeous Walnut, this gate is lightweight for quick and easy relocation and folds down in seconds for simple, convenient storage. At 36 inches tall, this gate is rated for all sized dogs and cats. Add a stunning compliment to your home’s existing décor while safely and effectively containing your dog, cat, rabbit ferret, or any other four legged friend. Spindle distance is 1¾ inches. Gate is 100% wooden; no MDF or press board. Item dimensions: 88”L x .75”W x 36”H If you desire additional length or a larger play pen, 360° Extension Kits 36” are available for virtually limitless containment possibilities. Also, a great addition to any 360 Configurable Gate or Extension are Support Feet which add stability and strength.Spans doorway openings up to 80 inches wide. Perfect for large dogs, cats of all sizes, babies, and toddlers
Walkthrough door opens inwards and outwards for easy pass-through, while keeping your doggie in his room
Special hinges allow panels to rotate 360 degrees for limitless, expandable, and extra wide configurations.
Place in doorways, bottom of stairs, baby’s room, extra wide openings, or any indoor location.
Rubber pads prevent sliding and keeps floors safe from scratching. Folds down to store in seconds, lightweight for easy relocation

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