Steelcase Cobi Chair Fixed Arms – Standard Carpet Casters

Intended to bring elegance and comfort to any home and office setting, Cobi is the chair designed to provide contented sitting for long working days. To evade any kind of physical modifications, Cobi is built to stretch and adjust to your body.  The supple back’s topmost edge, allow you to repose your arm easily on the top of the chair. With its soft seat, you can just focus on your work and there is no further need to take the pressure of altering chair as per your body weight. The loosening back contours to upkeep any posture your body requires at any provided moment.

Here are some of the remarkable features that this chair embraces to be a part of your workplace and home:

Simple and Comfortable: With its amazing flexibility and ease of use, this chair is simple and a must have for any home-office and office backgrounds.

Warranty: You will get 12 years of long warranty of Steelcase for this wonderful moving chair.

Lightweight: Made in USA, this over the top sitting beast is only 29 pounds. With this lightweight, it is quite easy to move it anywhere.

Colors: This chair comes in different colors to suit any home and place of work decor.

Get yourself this bendable product and see the difference yourself.

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