Stuffed Handmade Genuine Leather Moroccan Pouf, Ottoman (Tan)

Moroccan Flair genuine Moroccan poufs are expertly handcrafted in Marrakesh using artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation.  They are made from only the highest quality goat skin hides.  Each hide is hand-sorted, and those that pass our extensive tests are hand-dyed in ancestral tanneries. They are then stuffed with a proprietary blend of strong cotton filling to ensure a lifetime of comfort. We are an eco-friendly company and no harmful chemicals are ever used in our process; therefore please note that our poufs may have that “New Car” leather smell. This will fade over time.
It takes seven artisans to make this one special pouf. These artisans depend on natural recycled resources and the power of the sun to dry; therefore each pouf is unique. There may be slight variations in color or stitching. These characteristics are part of what makes our poufs special. Each measures approximately twenty inches in diameter, and fourteen inches high. Use them as a footrest, a side table, or as handy extra seating!
Luxuriate on these special pieces, knowing that the creation of each one helps to support Moroccan artisans and their families. Please note that since there are no chemicals involved and using the old traditions of making these poufs (handmade), there might be a slight variation of colors and stitching.Our leather poufs are hand dyed, made with 100% genuine leather, and filled with a blend of high quality cotton to ensure long lasting comfort
It takes seven artisans to make this one special pouf-don’t be fooled by less expensive knock-offs!
No harsh or harmful chemicals are ever used in our an eco-friendly process
Each measures approximately 20 by 20 by 14 inches
Use as a footrest, a side or accent  table, or handy extra seating

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