Sure Heat Riverside Oak Vent Free Dual Burner Log Set for Liquid Propane Fueled Fireplace, 24-Inch

Go green and heat your home while creating a living environment with beautiful ambiance using the sure heat 24-inch riverside oak log fireplace insert. With no ash, no wood, and no hassle you’ll quickly forget the inconvenient days of burning real wood. Our set is built to work with a liquid propane fuel supply and contains a thermostatically controlled valve system; which automatically turns on and off to maintains a consistent temperature in your living space. Because this unit is vent free, the heat from the fire is pushed into the room, rather then up a chimney; allowing for an amazing 99.9-percent heating efficiency. This beautifully designed unit uses an innovative u-shaped dual burner to provide a superior dancing flame pattern. These golden flames are surrounded by ten highly detailed, hand painted ceramic logs traditionally stacked on a tiered grate; which realistically recreates the look of a mature fire. Our 24-inch riverside log set is built to fit in any fireplace with minimum measurements of 36-inch front width, 15-inch depth, and 25-inch back width. Safety specs include: 100-percent carbon monoxide and oxygen depletions safe; csa approved as a heating appliance; safety pilot light valve system and oxygen depletion sensor included. Will heat approximately 1200-1500 square feet at only 1/4 the cost of a real fire per hour.

Important: Regulations for installation and use may vary by region.  Please review your local codes as they apply to vented and unvented appliances.  In absence of local codes, follow The National Fuel Gas Code ANSIZ223.1/NFPA 54Ten highly detailed, hand painted ceramic logs traditionally stacked on a tiered grate realistically recreate the look of a mature fire in your fireplace
CSA approved heating appliance will heat 1200-1500 square feet with 99.9-percent efficiency
Fits all fireplaces with minimum dimensions of 36-inch front width; 15-inch depth; and 25-inch back width
Thermostatically controlled to maintain a consistent room temperature
100-percent carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion safe.

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