Top Gifts For Employees This Holiday Season

Top Gifts For Employees This Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your employees? Here are the top # gifts to give your employees this holiday season, or anytime you want to show your appreciation for them.

Best Gifts For Men

RAK Magnetic Wristband


The RAK Magnetic Wristband is perfect for any guy who does projects around the house. The wristband has ten magnets, which allows it to hold nails, drill bits, washers, and anything else you might need. It’s like having a third hand when you are doing construction, carpentry, auto repair, craft projects, or home improvement. It’s a must have for all the men on your list.

Brookstone Pillow Universal Remote Control


You’ll never have to search for your remote control again with this remote control pillow. This full size throw pillow is also a fully functioning remote. It’s easy to set up and matches any decor.

United Cutlery Pocket Rescue Tool


This rescue tool is perfect for unlikely survival situations, but it has plenty of everyday uses as well. It has four wire strippers, 4 ASE wrenches, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver head, emergency cord, and a knife blade. It fits easily in your wallet, and it’s the size of a credit card.

Best Gifts For Women

Hawaiian Punch Stash Can


It can be risky for women to transport valuables like jewelry and cash. The Hawaiin Punch Stash Can allows women to easily store jewelry and other valuables where no one would think to look, and it makes transporting valuables much safer as well. It’s a must have for every woman.

Moon Shiner Solar Powered Lid


Light up the backyard with this Moonshiner Solar Powered Lid. The lid fits on any mason jar and lights up when it gets dark without using any power. It’s gives your yard a homey country look while providing the light that you need.

Solar Outdoor String Lights


These Solar water drop lights add a magical look to your backyard. They are solar powered and multi colored. You can set them to steady or flashing modes.

Unisex Gifts

Multi Outlet Plug Man


Give your employees something that they will find useful all year round. The Multi Outlet Plug Man features four three prong plug sockets and a circuit breaker switch for safety. It’s a great alternative to boring traditional plug adapters, and it’s easy to bring from the home to the office.

Rainbow Fire Packets


Rainbow Fire Packets are a great gift for spring and fall holidays when campfires are common. They also make a great Christmas gift, since they are safe for fireplaces as well. Add awesome rainbow flames to any fire by throwing a pouch into the fire.
These and many more employee gifts can be found at Indeed Cool Stuff. Show your appreciation for your employees. Find what you are looking for, or get inspired by all the awesome gifts on the site.

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