Which Shoes Should I Wear?

Shoes Combinations
Your footwear is enough important as the other pieces in order to complete your look and style.

It is a common question that everyone faces many times throughout their lives. How do you keep up with fashion trends and know how to pair shoes with them? Here are the answers you have been waiting for in a straightforward and easy to follow way.

Shoes to Wear with Jeans


There is likely not one person that does not own a pair of jeans. They are a staple look for those looking for a casual appearance, but pairing them with the wrong shoe can simply leave the wearer looking like a slob. Jeans are unique because they can be paired with many types of shoes, but the best options are to stick with the standard sneaker style shoes such as Converse or something similar. Most other shoes do work well with jeans, however, you should always try to coordinate your socks with the color of your jeans for best fashion results.

Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Shorts are where it is at when the temperature heats up, but apart from the standard flip flop for the beach, there are many dressier options. Shorts are among the most casual parts of clothing and therefore they are able to be paired with many shoes. The best option, however, is a sandal. When choosing a sandal to wear with shorts, however, choose a muted tone so not to detract from the overall casual look of the shorts. Wedges are another option for the shorts wearer as they are not as dressy as high heels.

Shoes to Wear with Joggers

You will likely not be going to an A-list event in joggers however a quick trip to the store or perhaps jogging around the block, you still want your feet to look good. A nice pair of simple sneakers will do the trick provided that they are not flashy and over the top in color. Another option is a simple sandal, but it is not recommended to jog in such footwear.

Shoes to Wear with Khakis

Khakis are an easy way to blur the lines of casual and business, therefore, they work great when paired with loafers. You may also want to pair them with a pair of canvas sneakers when the day calls for more of a casual appearance. Khakis should however not be paired with shoes that are a stark contrast to the pant. Lighter colored khakis need to be paired with corresponding lighter colored shoes.

Shoes to Wear with Dresses

The type of shoe required for dresses depends upon the dress type. For short and mid-high dresses flats, boots, flats, and sandals are the perfect pairing. As the skirt gets longer into the knee length to the midi style skirts, the boots should be kept tall and where sandals are still permissible, high heels look best.

Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

The field is actually quite wide open when it comes to boyfriend jeans. Almost anything can be paired with them. Since they are among the more tattered looking of the jeans family, the best options for looking your best in a very casual situation is to simply choose flats or sandals. Sneakers are perfectly fine as well, but the more fashion forward sect are pairing them with high heeled strappy sandals for a bit more of an updated look.

Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Ankle pants can be worn for casual as well as business type settings, so they are quite versatile. The best shoes for these types of pants are not as versatile as one would hope, but still, offer plenty of options. Shoes such as flats, sandals, and ankle boots are the perfect pairing with most ankle pants but stay away from sneakers as these can sometimes be too bulky for the look.

Shoes to Wear with Long Dresses

Long dresses tend to be used for more of an elegant type of event, although there are some casual long dresses as well. The best look for your long dresses especially the elegant ones is a perfectly paired evening type high heel or flat sandal. Corresponding colors are a must unless you can perfectly match the dress with the color of the shoe.

Shoes to Wear with Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirts are all the rage right now. They are perfect for multiple body types, therefore, they match well with many types of shoes. It is recommended that you avoid knee length boots, but ankle boots are completely fine. Again, just like with the long dresses, a touch of elegance through fancy high heeled footwear is a great pairing.
The shoes that are paired with an outfit can tell a lot about the person.

These guidelines should help you put your best foot forward no matter what type of pant, dress, or skirt you choose. Style may change, but the basics of fashion remain remarkably the same.

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