Wood Gongfu Tea Table Serving Tray

If you think you have seen everything in tea table serving trays, then you need to give this amazing product a closer look. The YEME Wenge Wood Gongfu Tea Table Serving Tray by JiBanGong is a work of art that takes serving tray designs to a different plane.

The tea table serving tray is made of solid Wenge wood and polished to a smooth finish. The tray has been designed with great attention to details such as the raised edges which ensures that drips and spills are neatly caught before their spoil your desk or floor.

The key features of this unique tea table serving tray:

  • Made of high quality Wenge wood
  • Finished to a smooth polish
  • Easy to handle, use and clean
  • Ideal for serving tea in Gongfu-style

The Chinese Gongfu style of serving tea is different as the water used for warming the pot and the first rinse of the leaves is discarded. The slatted design of the tray combined with the basin for water collection makes tea serving easy.

Order this amazing product now and surprise your guests with a unique tea serving arrangement that they would look at with awe.

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