12 Best Android Backup Apps in 2019

Android backup apps play an essential role to save specific settings to their server with the help of Google account. In case whenever you lost that data, you can directly restore it from your Google account. Many times in our busy routine we forgot to save some of the crucial data, and slow mobile networks may take too much time to collect that data; while back up apps help you to restore the information in less time.

Some of the best android backup apps are available in the market; you can choose this method to backup of data for your androids.

Here in this article, I am informing you about the android back up apps for your mobile phone which helps in data recovery from any device. These apps help you to generate your data backup and restore anytime you want.

Top 12 Best Android Backup Apps to Use in 2019

1. G Cloud Backup

g cloud backup

G Cloud Backup is the only app which comes with video backup. This app is one of the easiest way to use for Android users. If you love to operate simple apps, the G Cloud is for you because it protects your never-ending contact list, music, documents, videos, call logs, photos and more to secure on cloud location. You might not find backup android to pc as good as G Cloud Backup.

G cloud Backup comes with following pros and cons:-


  • You can protect G cloud Backup app with a password.
  • You can add more than 1 device for protection.
  • Up to 10 GB free data will be provided.
  • You can save your photos and videos in the sequence of their memories, i.e. you can see your first video or first clicked picture as well.
  • G Cloud Backup has the option of auto backup for contacts, messages, documents, settings, call logs and more.
  • You can restore your data even if you switch to other devices.


  • Full back up may be time-consuming and might be impactful on a system of production.
  • Size limitations impacts on backup strategies.

Pricing & offers:-

You can use this app for back up for FREE.


As per the Google play store, it has 4.6 Stars out of 5

2. Titanium Backup

titanium backup

Titanium backup is a reliable and powerful backup tool. With this best android backup app, you are able to freeze with a pro, restore, backup your apps, data and links. This android backup and restore app come with more than 32 languages and used by 25 million users. This application need root. This app is the top root app as per twitter.


  • This app comes with unlimited storage capacity, backup, and restoration.
  • You can sync data with cloud providers like Google and Dropbox.
  • This app includes all system apps, plus external data on memory card and protected apps.
  • Ongoing updating process make this app better, secure and faster.


  • Titanium backup works properly only if it is rooted. Some users may scare of this process.
  • Many useful features come with the paid version of this backup app which is a bit higher than other competitive apps.

Pricing & Offer:-

This app is free to use, and it’s PRO version costs the US $ 5.99.


As per Google playstore, it has 4.6 stars out of 5.

3. Super Backup

super backup

If you are looking for sms backup & restore app, then no other app is as good as Super Backup. This app takes back up and restores your apps, call logs, contacts, SMS and many more to SD card, Google Drive or Gmail.


  • You can share APK files with friends in one touch.
  • Backup of apps taken to SD card.
  • Scheduled backup files will automatically update to Gmail or Google drive.
  • This sms backup & restore app can select SMS conversations for backup.
  • From Google drive you can download backup files


  • It can’t take backup of media files.
  • This app doesn’t allow taking automatic backup from alternative cloud storage solutions.

Pricing & Offers:-

Super backup is free, but if you want ad-free and remove pop-up’s, then you have to pay the US $ 1.99.


According to the Google play store it has 4.4 stars out of 5.

4. Easy backup & Restore

easy backup and restore

For those who are newly using backup apps, Easy backup & restore app is a simple and easy application to backup & restore in SD card and Drive.


  • This is the perfect backup app for various storage such as drive, internal & external storage.
  • It contains all the details of the app.
  • With the help of this app, you can restore apps from all kinds of storage.
  • APK file sharing is only one touch away.
  • You can schedule auto back up.
  • You can search APK files within the app


  • This app doesn’t work for tablets.
  • Easy backup & Restore app contains ads.

Pricing & offers:-

This app is FREE to use.


As per Google playstore, it has 4 stars out of 5.5.

5. Helium


Helium is another best android backup app as its backup, restore and sync your apps from mobile. Helium has a best solution to your backup android to pc. You can take backup of almost anything in your mobile from apps to call logs, SMS, etc. The free version of this app have nearly all the features, but for removing ads, you have to download the prime version.


  • This app works amazingly without root access.
  • The interface of helium gives a lot of clear information in brief but comprehensive.


Even if you enjoy all the features in the basic version, you may have to purchase prime version only to remove ads.

Pricing & Offers:-

This app is free, but if you want to purchase ad-free version of this app, then you have to pay US $ 4.99.


Google playstore has rated 4.1 stars out of 5.

6. My Phone Explorer

my phone explorer

My phone explorer is efficient management software because you can control your phone by connecting this app to pc. You can take your android backup to pc using this application very easily. This app helps you to organize installed apps, install, uninstall, launch, or download them to your desktop. By connecting this android app to pc, you can also handle calls, dial numbers, accept or reject a call from your desktop computer.


  • You can do Synching of your contacts & calendar by using Microsoft outlook, SeaMonkey, Tobit David, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird and Windows Contact.
  • You can manage to send, receiving or deleting of messages.
  • You can use your desktop keyboard as an input device for your phone.


The only disadvantage of using this backup app is it requires windows to operate. Despite this, it is the 6th best android backup app especially for windows users.

Pricing & Offers:-

Free to use.


Google playstore rated this app 4.5 stars out of 5.

We recommend you to follow the following source to read remaining backup apps of this list. This 12 Best Android Backup Apps in 2019 post first came on impactresearch.org

Source: https://impactresearch.org/best-android-backup-apps/


Hence, all the above mentioned best android backup apps would be useful for you all to recover lost data, backup and restore your important files. These apps ensure you safe and secure data backup and restore.

Tell us about your experience about these androids back up apps. Your reviews inspire us to do much better work so don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts. Stay tuned for the latest updates about the mobile industry.

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