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Romhustler : Rom Hustler Alternatives & Similar Sites – Romhustler is an online service where many ROMs and games can be enjoyed. As a game enthusiast, if you want to avail the old classic games from your school time, this site is the one that you must visit.

For a long time, Romhustler is feeding roms to the gamers and has gained enough popularity.

However, if you have a question in mind that is Romhustler safe, then we would say that this is not the only site that is doing such work.

There are many alternative websites where you can find a similar volume of roms and emulators. Features of these alternative sites are subject of our article here.

There are thousands of places like this. But we present the best ten sites according to popularity among users and the quality of the site.

1. DopeROMS

doperoms best alternative of romhustler

Dope roms is another site like romhustler. The site is mainly used for archival purpose. There are certain roms available on the site that does not exist physically. But through their digital archive, you can avail the roms.

The site serves all the need for playing retro games. You can find suitable emulator here for playing games.

Official Website of DopeROMS

2. CoolROM

coolrom is similar to romhustler

CoolRom is another site like romhustler that provides a variety of roms and emulators. The site is quite famous for its tutorial of playing the game. For newcomers in emulation game, this site offers a detailed stepwise lesson.

The site also provides roms search based on the type of console. The collection of the rom is massive, and that too organised in a proper way makes it easy to find your choice of game. It is advisable to choose the iso file for downloading the game.

Official Website of CoolROM

3. RomUlation


RomUlation is another beautiful site for finding roms of your favourite classic games. The site has a large group of roms that too categorised according to the platform you are using. To use their content, you need to sign up.

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You have a limitation on download speed as well as number if you are a regular member. But if you want unlimited access to the site, you will be charged through premium membership.

Official Website of RomUlation

4. Gamulator


Gamulator is an excellent site as romhustler alternatives which allows you to instant ROM and emulator access. The site has a straightforward interface, and you can navigate to your desired rom easily.

The last releases of roms are uploaded almost instantly, and also the emulator list is maintained regularly. Unlike other rom sites, Gamulator has a list of bios files for various consoles for ease of the user.

Official Website of Gamulator

5. RomWorldOnline


RomWorldOnline is another rom site where you can find thousands of roms of old classic games. Depending on the gaming console this site provides roms option.

The site is primarily aimed at SNES games, and you can find almost all the games here. To access the roms from the site, you need to share their website in any of the social media like Tweeter or Facebook.

The more you share you can avail more speed in download. With all such feature, the site is among other romhustler alternatives.

Official Website of RomWorldOnline

6. The Old Computer


The Old Computer is a site that has a collection of retro computing as well as gaming rom. The site is home of 500,000 roms, and it has a large community of 179000 members. This feature-rich site is an excellent alternative to romhustler.

However to access their vast library you have to be a member of the community.

Official Website of The Old Computer

7. FreeROMS

free roms

Another similar site that has a collection of rom only is FreeROMs. Variety of consoles and variety of games is innumerable at this site.

The site has a simple page with a complete list of roms. However, there is a search option to find the roms of your choice is available. The site hosts considerably new game roms for any platform.

Official Website of FreeROMS

8. Emuparadise


Emuparadise is another fully functional site with a vast collection of emulator games and roms. The site requires registration to access all the elements. Emuparadise has quite extensive rom, iso & Games section which has created a position among the gaming community.

There is a search bar at the home page through which finding a rom is quite easy. The site also has a popular rom section. So if you are new to the gaming, you get to this section.

Official Website of Emuparadise

9. The Emulator – Zone

the emulator zone

The Emulator – Zone is an ultra-fast site and comprehensive collector of emulator and roms. Advance games on the broadest spectrum of Androids, ranging from high-end mobile phones to tablets can be found here.

It provides roms of almost every aspect. It is the site which continues to produce a video blog.

Official Website of The Emulator – Zone

10. Vimm’s Lair

vimms liar

Their catalogue can meet the requirements of all classic games. This website is specially designed so that it is searchable.

On the homepage itself, you can find a link of favourite games. While your game can be seen from their vast library search engine.

You can also find the website link if you need an emulator. It comprises all the games released for PlayStation 2.

Official Website of Vimm’s Lair


So here we conclude our research-based article on the alternative of Romhustler. We believe the above ten sites can satisfy your all type of rom needs. But warnings are made on selecting the file types.

Only download iso files and avoid .exe files and start enjoying the nostalgic games on your computer.

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