Top 12 Best Teamviewer Alternatives & Similar Softwares

Remote desktop software has traveled a long journey from its beginning days. From an age when the connection was fluctuating and uncertain to a current period, where accessing the desktop is quite easy whether locally or via the internet, one software has dominated the market. Users can now connect their devices quickly and reliably with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer, known for its broad range of features and functionalities, has grown to one of the most notable names in the remote desktop industry. But TeamViewer is not flawless and has a fair proportion of problems.

Users are keen on finding a Teamviewer alternative that has a similar feature and can serve their purpose.

We will introduce you with best Teamviewer alternative in this article, which has already gained appreciation among users. So keep reading the following.

List of 12 Best Teamviewer Like Softwares in 2019

1. AnyDesk

anydesk is alternative of teamviewer

When it comes to the best alternative to TeamViewer AnyDesk will top the list. AnyDesk is loaded with some great features which are available in TeamViewer only. Like TeamViewer, AnyDesk allows you to access your system from anywhere through remote access.

While TeamViewer lags in performance AnyDesk make a difference through its data transmission rate of 60fps. Since AnyDesk has lower latency and the higher data transmission rate, the actions to do in the remote system takes place smoothly than other.

AnyDesk has an excellent secure connection as it uses RSA2048 asymmetric encryption along with banking standard TLS1.2 technology. With its latest version, AnyDesk has featured some new advantages like customised ally, session recording facility, access to Mac without attendance and lot more.

The significant edge of the technology is it prevents unauthorised access to your computer, and you need not worry regarding security breaches. The best part of the feature is, it supports almost all the platform like Windows, Linux, Mac Android and iOS. With all such supports, it is a TeamViewer alternative Reddit community has titled.

Official Website of AnyDesk

2. Cloudberry


CloudBerry remote assistant is an emerging competitor and free TeamViewer alternative. The software brings together all the resources under one software form. It is very light and doesn’t pose into any issue while making a secure connection.

The recent update of the software has changed it to an RSA algorithm based encrypted sessions. CloudBerry usually connects with SSL based connection. The best part of the software is it allows the user to have control over the sharing of the computer. You can choose the option to share entirely or give partial permissions to the other user.

CloudBerry lets you select the type of encryption you want, and you generate an encryption key. Once you share the encryption key to the other user, the connection becomes entirely secure and encrypted.

Isn’t it a feature that will be required before giving access to another user? With all such feature, Cloudberry is the best Teamviewer alternative.

Official Website of CloudBerry

3. Supremo


Supremo is a considerably new software that is available in the market and gave equal potentiality to win the line of remote accessing software. It provides an easy to use solution to access and control PC remotely or host meetings between them.

The one best thing that is worth mentioning about Supremo is no installation or patch required to perform these works. It is an exe file that can seamlessly connect two computers with trustable AES 256 bit encryption.

The software also supports The IT management console USilio.

Supremo has an option to customise its interface. Hence for the business purpose uses it allows to include the company logo and all and use it for branding.

It was not available with TeamViewer. The data transfer protocol of Supremo is quite reliable, and no firewall or router configuration is required for it.

This software is free to use in the local network. But a paid version can give you complete access to any computer from anyplace.

Official Website of Supremo

4. Lite Manager

lite manager

Just as TeamViewer Lite manager is another fully loaded package for remote access of computer for various purposes.

You can perform remote administration in a network like LAN or over the internet, facilitate distance learning support or merely managing the activity of employees through the Lite manager. As per the name, it is a very lightweight software with features that can satisfy any user’s requirement.

All the standard functions like complete remote access with access to files and folders, remotely control the computer, text and voice chats and screen recording feature is available with the Lite manager. But if you require something extravagant function, then this is not for you.

The free version allows you to take into 30 computers remotely. But if you want to access more, you have to buy the complete version. The paid version is also beneficial commercially because of its one-time charge instead of a monthly subscription.

The software is compatible with all the renowned operating system like windows Linux mac android and iOS. So if you require this software you fulfil your day to day functions or connect your office computer with home one this is the best free alternative to TeamViewer.

Official Website of Lite Manager

5. Splashtop


Splashtop is among excellent TeamViewer alternatives, which provide an all in one package for individuals as well as teams to access their computer from any place easily. Splashtop concentrates a great deal on security and makes sure you always have a secured connection.

As a result, TLS and 256-bit AES encryption are provided to all remote sessions. The device’s authentication, a two-stage verification and various password options on the second level protect the access further.

Splashtop is also favourite to many users as it does not require installation. The software provides an option for different companies to get access to their client’s computer or Android device through a code of nine digits.

That’s why this software targets on-demand service providers including MSP and helpdesk for providing ad-hoc services. Splashtop is entirely free for personal use in Lan. However, the charges for accessing it from anywhere is also reasonably low like $16.99 per year. In comparison to TeamViewer, it is much affordable price.

Official Website of Splashtop

6. Ultra VNC


UltraVNC is a Windows-based open source remote desktop program better than TeamViewer. It utilises the RFB or Remote Frame Buffer Protocol and provides users with easy access over the internet to remote desktops.

The remote access is accomplished by cloning the distant desktop view, relaying cursors and keyboard motions to the remote computer from the user’s workstation. A workable VNC client is required for both systems to operate.

UltraVNC favours chat usability and file transfers in addition to remote help. The application uses an encryption plugin with a few authentication methods for security purposes.

Official Website of Ultra VNC

7. LogMeIn


What is the use of a remote desktop software if it doesn’t have a facility to manage files remotely? Software like TeamViewer performs with an objective of support services to the other computer. LogMeIn is that kind of tool that allows you to store, collaborate or share files from the other computer.

That doesn’t mean that it can do that part only. Its features are quite extensive and similar to TeamViewer. This software grants you access your computer remotely to do that sort of work which even TeamViewer cannot do.

You can access personal data files throughout the pc once you have LogMeIn. With it, you need not to carry your files, but you get instant access through LogMeIn.

Principal functions of LogMeIn is the immediate accessibility of remote device and share the files.

The service provides a 1TB free cloud storage to you where you can store or share data. If all these feature suites your requirement then you must go for this Teamviewer alternative.

Official Website of LogMeIn

8. ConnectWise


ScreenConnect was a distinct entity until it was acquired by ConnectWise and changed its name to ConnectWise Control. As a remote desktop product, ConnectWise Control aims to companies that offer their customers remote support.

Even if nobody stops yourself from using the product personally the software suits much better with teams. ConnectWise control can offer individuals and groups, both large and small, a scalable experience.

You can try with the necessary features and then purchase the plan on an entrepreneurial scale. ConnectWise Control also comes with features, such as the AES-256 encryption and verification of two factors, which allow you to connect securely to a client’s computers. ConnectWise Control works with different third-party applications, such as Slack, FreshDesk, Google Analytics, and others.

The third-party functionalities of ConnectWise Control surely give you a great advantage over TeamViewer, and you must try this.

Official Website of ConnectWise

9. Ammyy Admin


Ammyy Admin is a free, easy and quick way for individuals and companies to access share and control remote management. In contrast to heavy desktop applications, the application is available under 1 MB as an application.

You can live chat and perform a task as well as a remote connection to the system. The software is easy to use to handle as well as supported in Windows for a secure connection. The app is a very low sized and detailed one that a remote desktop gets.

One of the reasons why many users choose this tool is its flexible pricing scheme. The personal use of the software is completely free also. With all such feature, this is among TeamViewer alternatives.

Official Website of Ammyy Admin

10. VNC Connect


Like its corporate competitor TeamViewer, VNC Connect offers a similar feature for your personal and business use such as remote control and shared meetings. You might be attracted to their free plans or their home plans.

It’s a cost-effective solution and easy to operate. There is all possible comfort with this remote access software found in costlier competitors.

The possibility to send a one-time invitation to a remote user if you require computer assistance or drag-and-drop files between remote and local desktops this software provides support in windows and Linux. It can be listed in excellent TeamViewer alternatives.

Official Website of VNC Connect

11. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

You should check out Chrome Remote Desktop software if you’re not a regular user of remote desktop software and need anything completely free. Although it is not as powerful as TeamViewer, however, Chrome Remote Desktop is free to use so that things can be done with it.

Like TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop enables users to access a different computer from their Chrome browser remotely. In circumstances such as ad-hoc help desk support or for remote access to your programs and files, machines can be made accessible in a shorter time.

Official Website of Chrome Remote desktop

12. Join.me


JoinMe is an advanced online conferencing and meeting tool that allows several people from various places to gather at the same time. The software performs at Windows and Mac OS. Since Join.me offers an unlimited sound, anyone can communicate through a call to any device.

Whether it is net calling (VoIP) or phone lines, it performs similarly. It also provides one-click scheduling, recording for meetings interconnected between 40 countries. JoinMe is an excellent remote management tool that you can use if you operate a business or for individual purposes.

If you choose to team up remotely with individuals. Join.me is the right solution. It’s all about a fast, easy and a much better way of connecting and socialising with people remotely.

Official Website of Join.me

Comparison Table

Name of Alternative Encryption Ability File Sharing Feature Chat Function Supported Platforms Price
AnyDesk YES YES YES Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux $10.99
Cloudberry YES YES YES Windows Free
Supremo YES YES YES Windows, iOS, Android € 98.00
Lite Manager YES YES YES Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux $10.00
Splashtop YES YES NO Windows, MAC, Android, iOS Min. $1.99/month
Ultra VNC YES YES NO Windows Free
LogMeIn YES YES NO Windows, MAC, Android, iOS $30.00/month
ConnectWise YES Quite Based Quite Based Windows, MAC, Android, iOS Quite Based
Ammyy Admin YES YES YES Windows $33.90
VNC Connect YES YES YES Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu $40.00
Chrome Remote desktop YES YES YES Windows, MAC, Android, iOS Free
Join.me YES YES NO Windows, MAC, Android, iOS Min $10.00


There is no doubt on the ability of TeamViewer as remote desktop software. However, due to reasons stated above you might want to move away and find a new one. Out above list is an excellent collection of Teamviewer alternative software. Among all, we have one topper that is AnyDesk. You can find all sort of feature in it that TeamViewer provides. The pricing is also reasonable. Moreover, it’s seamless working with speed makes it the right choice.

With this, we conclude our article. If you find our analysis worthy and you get a suitable alternative, give us a thumbs up in below comment box.

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