Top 15 Youtube Alternatives In 2019

If we think of online streaming of video content, the first name that strikes in our mind is Youtube. You almost get all kinds of videos on Youtube; it may be related to sports, news, movies, entertainment and much more.

The days have gone when Youtube is the only solution for watching online videos, today many other Youtube alternatives are available in the market. Even though the popularity of Youtube is tremendous, other options are important because Youtube is the most crowded place and it might not be possible to get all videos to watch offline.

There is no doubt that Youtube is best for online videos, but you are not able to operate Youtube anytime whenever you want, this is the reason why most of the internet users are fond of an alternative that is better than Youtube.

In this article, my aim is to provide you with the best alternatives to Youtube that may come with exclusive features, and you will get benefitted from them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!!

15 Best Youtube Alternatives List

1. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is the best alternative to Youtube that allows you to start watching contents on a regular basis. This site successfully attracts 300 million users worldwide who used to watch 3.5 billion videos on this portal.

This is the place where video creators are free to share their world with spirited viewers. You can search for videos from all around the world live or on demand.

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2. Vevo

vevo is alternative of youtube

Vevo is the best alternative to Youtube and also one of the world’s superior All-premium music video and relaxation platform.

Every month it gains 25 billion views. If you are a music lover, then Vevo is the best choice for you because this keeps the music revolution in full swing and delivers you best music videos swiftly.

Official Website of Vevo

3. Twitch


Twitch is another platform in the list of Youtube alternatives. Twitch is specially focused for streaming video gaming and sports related content.

You can watch live stream gaming, any IRL broadcast and Esports on your android device! Twitch provides you with live streaming and gamer chat on your fingertips. You can watch your choice of games like HA 18 goals and Minecraft sessions.

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4. Vimeo


Vimeo is the world’s fastest most customizable and completely ad-free video player. Vimeo was established in the year 2004 and designed by the circle of filmmakers who want a simple and beautiful way of sharing videos with friends.

An HTML5 video player designed to make your work fascinating. This video player has higher quality, fastest loading and most reliable HTML5 video player in all over the world.

5. The internet Archive

the internet archive

The internet archive is constructing a library that includes digital movies that are uploaded by archive users.

This site like Youtube includes the range from classic full-length films to cartoons to daily news broadcast and concerts. This collection is free and open to use by everyone.

6. Metacafe


Metacafe is the first and the only entertainment landing place that is entirely focused to showing the best short-form videos from the world of movies, TV, video games and sports programmed for male entertainment drivers of the present time.

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7. Flickr


Flickr is one of the great Youtube alternatives that allows you to upload, edit and share your photos and videos from worldwide and from any device.

The Flickr community has groups of million and billions of pictures there to explore. You can explore, engage and interact with friends and family.

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8. 9Gag TV

9gag tv

If you are on social media, then there is no chance that you won’t go through the 9Gag brand.

This is known as the hub of LOL, pics, unlimited GIFs and the funniest memes. There are millions of visitors to 9Gag.

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9. Veoh


Veoh is another one Youtube alternative that provides a simple and clean user interface. Presently, Veoh is the part of Qlipso, Qulipso is a reputed social subject sharing company.

This company offers audiences from all over the world an experience of unparallel digital media and social viewing experience.

Official Website of Veoh

10. D Tube


D Tube is an open source app that is created to serve the revolutionary crypto-based decentralised video platform.

It is based on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network that makes D tube an excellent Youtube Alternative. Browsing of hot, trending and watched videos from the homepage is easy.

Official Website of D Tube

11. IGTV


IGTV is something different from classic video experience. You can watch long-form vertical videos from your choice of an Instagram creator.

It is designed on the basis of how you use your phone; hence videos are vertical and full screen. The videos on IGTV are not for one minute so you can see enough about your choice of contents.

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12. The Open Video Project


The motive of open video project is to gather and make available a storehouse of digitised video content for digital library, multimedia retrieval, digital video and other research communities.

The researchers will use this multimedia content to study a wide range of issues to describe video contents.

Official Website of Open Video Project

13. Photobucket


Photobucket is important to store photos safely with edit & organise their order to prints, auto backup and more.

This is the premier place for uploading, sharing, finding pictures, linking, videos, downloading and graphics. You can host your pictures and videos for free and share them later by email or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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14. PeerTube:-


As the name suggests, it is peer-to-peer video streaming and sharing platform. PeerTube is decentralised video hosting network based on free to use software.

PeerTube is new in the market, but still, it looks like it will shortly mark its presence in the streaming market.

Official Website of PeerTube

15. Facebook’s Search Bar

facebook video search

Because Facebook is not a dedicated video streaming website, it does not mean that Facebook have no video library to serve us. Basically, search bar in Facebook helps us to find out friends, pages, places, photos, videos etc.

You can get command over countless videos by clicking on videos Tab. There are limited things that you can search such as, peoples, interest, posts, places, groups etc. because this is not a web where you will get everything.

Official Website of Facebook

Final Words

Youtube is one of the best platforms for videos streaming, but all the alternative for Youtube also offers you with great as well as out of the box features.

If you are looking for the replacement, then we have listed the top alternatives. Have you gone through the above list of Youtube alternatives? What do you think about the list? Is this list useful to you? Share your comments with us. Your feedback means the world to us.

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